About Us

Why Gaurav Civil Service Study Institute?

Gaurav Civil Service Study Institute is a prestigious institute in India for preparing UPSC Exams. We love to create an Unique Successful Website for students to succeed their goals with 24*7 services , Personal Mentors, Fixed Study Plans, Strategy Tips from UPSC Experts, Subject-matter Experts and many other Dynamic individuals with vast experience.

Good Civil Servents ensure effcient and smooth goverance. They are the backbone of the Country

Our Mission

Our mission is to succeed the Students Goals. We believe that good Design is powerful and the handwork is Essential & Exploring the Unknown is also important. Our motive is to impart a High-Quality Education which is based on real-challenges. We aims at developing a competitive attitude among students with a academic sound. THe Institue lay great emphasis on leadership developement, ethics & Social Responsibility to ensure that the bureaucrats of tommorrow do not suffer.

Our Essence

Since the pattern of Civil Services Examination is very dynamic and is constantly evolving, we make sure to update our content and modify our pedagogy accordingly. At Gaurav Civil Services Study Institute , we develop our own comprehensive content that is strictly related to the syllabus and relevant for the exam. The aim is to prepare the aspirants for each stage of the exam by developing a sound academic base with quality Faculty and individual attention to develop a competitive attitude amongst them.

Our Management

Team of Visionary Peoples


Mr. Shashi Bhushan Malik


Our Institute was established to groom students to talk up the administrative services of the country, as a career with a nationalistic spirit and a totally commitment towards basic human values.


Mr. Gaurav Malik


Our Institute has been dedicated to guide Civil Services Examination aspirants for several years. We have evolved and designed the best suited curriculum plan and practices.


Mrs. Sonam Malik


We are a socially committed organization. We look into, respond and cater to the various needs by different groups of people according to their requirement.

Our Vision

In order to create a better environment for the preparation of UPSC Examniation.
Our Institue has focused on 3 major aspects.

Better Classroom Programms

The classroom programme includes the finest set of Faculties to guide our students towards success. All the faculty members are experts in their respective subject.

Study Material

All the fully quality useful study material from the examniation point of view. Students are provided with study-material in a chapter-wise manner on a regular basis for each subject.

Excellent Management

After realizing the importance of management, our entire team of Gaurav Civil Service Study Institute has established a trained and efficient management to suit the needs of every level of student.

Better Classroom Programms Study Material Excellent Management

Our Advisory Team

Team that provides non-binding strategic advice to the management of a corporation, organization or foundation.


Dr. G M Swamy

He is the person who informed about the programs it's students curriculum, services/supports and activities and inform others. He also identify and present opportunities for students and host students for experiences.