IAS Preparation

IAS Preparation
IAS is the most sought after career in our country. Personnel to IAS are selected through Civil Services Examination Conducted by UPSC. Only few aspirants out of many make for IAS. Generally, top rankers in Civil Services Examination get IAS.

To dream for IAS means one has to quality Civil Services Examination with top ranks. In competitive examination, no one could be sure about top rank.
Those who dream for IAS should have special strategy. Foremost important aspect for IAS preparation is sound understandings of all core concepts. A candidate most have good grasp over Current Affairs & ability to correlate current affairs with fundamentals of the syllabus.

Preliminary stage is the biggest hurdle in Civil Services Examination. If someone is dreaming about IAS, he/she must have full proof preparation for Preliminary examination. Success in preliminary exam depends upon your comfort in main syllabus. Therefore, one should thoroughly prepare well main syllabus before concentrating on Preliminary examination.

When a candidate is going to appear for preliminary exam, he/she should have rigorous practice of objective type questions. This practice will help the candidate to eliminate wrong answers and smoothen the path of intelligence guessing to reach correct answer. In negative marking pattern of examination, definitely practice will pay you in the examination. Toughness of questions also calls a candidate for intelligence guessing.
Despite of change in the pattern of examination during recent time, one optional subject in main examination plays a decisive role in success. Choice of optional subject should be smartly done. A candidate must score good marks according to UPSC standards.

At main examination, particularly for General Studies, one should have rigorous practice of descriptive questions.  Rigorous practice will ensure ability to complete questions in given time framework. Writing practice will also evolve the ability to produce maximal of knowledge during the constraint of time. Essay is also a part of main examination where only with writing skill one can excel over others.
To clear Civil Services Examination with top ranks & get IAS, one should be mindful of this fact. In main examination candidate has to perform above average level in all the papers. Out of seven papers which count for merit determination, a candidate has to show good performance in 2-3 paper.

Essay paper in main examination tests candidate’s ability to think logically, coherence of thoughts & way of presentation. A candidate should avoid converting essay paper in thesis writing.
In General Studies-I paper there is a trend that few questions remain unanswered because of lack of time. With writing practice, a candidate should try that no question remains unanswered.
A candidate is unable to score good marks is General Studies-II paper because of lack of contents. Therefore, candidate shouldn’t take IInd paper lightly.
General Studies-III paper includes dynamic topics like Economy and Science & Technology. Here role of current affairs in significant. A candidate should plan this paper accordingly.
Fourth paper of General Studies, that is, ethics, integrity & Valve has a significant role for a candidate to become IAS. A general trend has been emerging during recent time that either a candidate is scoring good marks, or below average marks. This variation in marks because of subjective satisfaction of examiner in situational questions. A student is advised to have enough practice of situational questions and must have proper feedback of his/her handling of situational questions.

The last stage of the examination is interview. Foremost important aspect of Interview is bio-data that a candidate has filled up before main examination. All entries of the candidate should be well prepared. Bio-data is having prominence in interview because generally whole interview revolves around the candidate bio-data. Some current affairs taking within the country and around the world should also be brushed up. If a candidate is handling his/her interview in such manner, definitely going to perform well.
In a nut shell, essence of IAS preparation is a balanced preparation of all stages. In IAS preparation day dreaming will not work, rather a sound realistic preparation will pay off.

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