Prelims Test Series 2021

Prelims Test Series 2021

The GS Prelims Test Series offered by Gaurav IAS is planned and performed in the same manner as the actual examination. It assists students in recognising their strengths and weaknesses so that they can be resolved prior to the test. The GS Paper- 1 has assumed greater significance in deciding the success of a candidate in the Preliminary Test which seeks to eliminate non-serious candidates.. 

Via a wide range of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) over the course of the Test Series, these Comprehensive Test Series will assess aspirants' knowledge and train them to build the right attitude for the UPSC Prelims. Aspirants can reduce the number of errors they make during the UPSC Prelims Exam by practicing with these test series.

What we focus:

UPSC standard MCQs provide comprehensive coverage of the entire UPSC Prelims exam syllabus.Sectional Assessments are structured so that students can cover each subject thoroughly in a reasonable amount of time and assess their results using our tests.

The scope of questions varies from factual to hypothetical, proportionally dividing in each of the Test Articles, strictly adhering to UPSC pattern.

MCQ options have also been arranged in such a way that students can use elimination strategies when answering questions.

Mode Start Date Duration
Online/Offline 25-03-2021 10 Tests

Schedule of Test Series:

Date Subjects
25th March 2021 Polity + Current Affairs 2021
1st April 2021 Environment & Ecology + Current Affairs 2021
12th April 2021 Science & Technology + Current Affairs 2021
17th April 2021 History + Current Affairs 2021
25th April 2021 Geography + Current Affairs 2021
29th April 2021 Governance + Polity + Current Affairs 2021
6th May 2021 Economics & Social Development + Current Affairs 2021
13th May 2021 Polity + Governance + Science & Technology + Current Affairs 2021
20th May 2021 History + Economics & Social Development + Current Affairs 2021
28th May 2021 Geography + Environment & Ecology + Current Affairs 2021


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Prelims Test Series 2021

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