How to Prepare for UPSC

How to Prepare for UPSC

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Following are the points you should keep in mind before, to start your preparation.

  • Step 1: Once you’re through that, pick up the previous year papers and skim through them to get an understanding of what is actually asked in the exam. If you give dedicated amount of time to do this exercise, you will save a considerable amount of time through your preparation journey! Alternatively, you can glance through the articles on our website to get comprehensive information about what the exam is! At this time, you should also start reading the newspaper.
  • Step 2: Buy the recommended UPSC CSE Preparation books. Our mock exams cover NCERT textbooks as well as other standard reference textbooks on weekdays and text mock exams on weekends.
  • Step 3: Take your UPSC Mains preparation side-by-side with UPSC Prelims preparation. There are some topics relevant only for mains( for example, Ethics, Internal Security, World History etc).
  • Step 4: Mock Exams are equally important for mains, just like Prelims. You need proper answer writing practice to structure your answers in a time-constrained environment. Get your answers evaluated by experts and seek their suggestions for improvement. You can refer the feedback given for answers in our Answer Writing Practise sessions.
  • Step 5: For UPSC Interview, your biodata is the most probable questions from the DAF. Gaurav IAS Team can help you with DAF analysis. Once you register for Gaurav IAS Interview program, we will send you a list of 30 most probable questions based on your DAF. Also, take mock interviews to polish your communication and presentation skills.

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