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GCSSI - A real foundation.

Millions of candidates apply for UPSC every year. Out of which one-fourth of the candidates are screened & filtered in the preliminary round. Similarly, the final stage progresses, with only a few selected candidates able to make it to the final list.

What differs these successful candidates apart from the rejected candidates?

UPSC IAS Preparation Tips for Beginners

The majority of UPSC candidates concentrate on the reading section. Most of these don't even revise what they learned in class after reaching home (following this habit will keep you ahead of the competition). Most of the candidates attempt mock tests only 15 days prior to the prelims exam, and some start practicing question papers only one or two days before the exam (that will not be helpful).

Many people stop practicing daily answer writing in the midpoint of their preparation before realizing it's too late. Before studying the NCERTs comprehensively, they just go straight to the standard books (this is a big blunder).

Some candidates constantly add new study materials, making it impossible for them to revise repeatedly. Many candidates avoid reading newspapers in favor of finding shortcuts. Some candidates are unable to balance their time and, as a result, are unable to devote adequate attention to each subject. In addition if you've done everything correctly but haven't chosen the right optionals, it will be disastrous.

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